The history of Clark Truck equipment


Serving New Mexico for Over 70 Years

For over 70 years, Clark Truck Equipment Company Inc. has provided New Mexico with truck equipment of the highest quality and friendly service from industry experts. Our company has always been known for our commitment to excellence and we strive every day to keep that reputation.

Through the years, we have worked on countless major projects for notable clients like the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, Navajo Utility Authority, various mines and numerous individuals. If you need truck equipment, look to us for the impeccable product quality and unparalleled service that our customers have counted on for decades.



1945-World War II Ends

Veterans return home, looking to reunite with their families and rebuild their post war lives. Morris H. Clark finds employment with the Winter-Weiss Company, in Denver, CO. Winter- Weiss found its original fame inventing and patenting the Portadrill, a truck-mounted drilling rig. The war effort helped Winter-Weiss expand their services into truck customization. To this day, the more reputable of our country’s truck equipment companies can trace their roots to Winter-Weiss of Denver.




Clark + Winter-Weiss

M. H. Clark was chosen to open a Winter-Weiss branch in New Mexico. He establishes the company in an unoccupied lettuce processing shed in Albuquerque. The facility was long, narrow, unheated – and provided a terrific home for the new endeavor. Clark’s sons, Chuck and Don, were born into the business and grew up working under the tutelage of Winter-Weiss’ excellent mechanics.



CTE Is Founded

Controlling interest was acquired by Clark’s founder Morris H. Clark and became Clark Truck Equipment Co.



NTEA Membership

Clark Truck Company becomes a National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA — the Association for the Work Truck Industry) Distributor Member since 1967. In 2017, Clark CTE celebrated 50 years of NTEA membership.



M.H. Clark Passed Away

His son, Chuck Clark, became president.




Clark Truck Company Propsers

Clark Truck Equipment Company Inc. moves to a larger facility. Employees come onboard and stay onboard, with many staying onboard to celebrate 25-year and 40-year careers with CTE.



Clark Truck Company Grows Again

Clark Truck Equipment Company Inc. moves to its current shop at 501 Industrial NE, in Albuquerque, NM. The shop is a 24,000 sq. ft. facility with 6.5 acres of fenced yard space and a stand-alone paint booth. CTE’s facility has 14 drive through bays, all equipped with necessary welders, torches, tools and associated equipment. CTE carries an average of $750,000+ in inventory value.