Mobile Power Equipment in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Trucks in the field often encounter the need for power; whether it be electrical, air , or hydraulic.Sometimes, the appliance can be run off an auxiliary engine, such as an air compressor but such equipment is bulky and takes up the limited space available on a truck. Consequently, we specialize in appliances which run off truck power, for example:

1. Mobile hydraulic power channeling transmission or engine torque through hydraulic pumps to run the appliance. In this area we represent Chelsea, Muncie and Force America brands of hydraulic components and wet line kits.

2. Mobile pressurized air utilizing transmission or hydraulically run rotary and reciprocal compressors by IMT, VANAIR, Vmac and STELLAR
3. 12vdc to 120vac Inverters, both quasi sine and pure sine wave, converting truck 12vdc power to useful 120vac power. We represent high quality UL tested transformer and transistor based inverters with multi-year warranties such as Dimensions, Magnum, Ultimate Power and Vanner

4. AND lastly, hydraulic powered welder/compressor/charger combination products such as the VANAIR Air N Arc unit.

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